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See Munzer Location for directions.

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This years IDAMAP is held a day prior to the MEDINFO 2004 conference.



Monday, September 6, 2004
A One-Day Workshop at Munzer Auditorium, Beckman Center, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA

For directions, see Munzer Location; in particular, the page How To Get To Munzer from 101 shows exactly how to get to the Munzer Auditorium using the entrance that's going to be available to participants. Notice that the door that will be left open is not the main Beckman entrance (which faces the Medical Center), but a side door that faces the parking lot and that you reach by going down a flight of outside stairs to the patio area.

On the day of the workshop there will be ample parking in front of the Beckman Building.

Organized in collaboration with Intelligent Data Analysis and Data Mining Workgroup of International Medical Informatics Association, and Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining SIG of American Medical Informatics Association

Poster Download an IDAMAP poster (A4, Letter, CFP as ASCII text)!

IDAMAP-2004, a one day Workshop on intelligent data analysis in medicine and pharmacology, will be held at Stanford University, Paolo Alto, CA, on Monday, 6th of September, 2004, just prior to MEDINFO-2004. This is the ninth IDAMAP Workshop: the former ones were held in Budapest in 1996, Nagoya in 1997, Brighton in 1998, Washington DC in 1999, Berlin in 2000, London in 2001, Lyon in 2002, and Cyprus in 2003.

The IDAMAP workshop series is devoted to computational methods for data analysis in medicine, biology and pharmacology that present results of analysis in the form communicable to domain experts and that somehow exploit expert knowledge of the problem domain. Such knowledge may be available at different stages of the data-analysis and model-building process. Typical methods include data mining, temporal abstraction, machine learning, and data visualization.

Gathering in an informal setting, workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss selected technical topics in an atmosphere which fosters the active exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners. The workshop is intended to be a genuinely interactive event and not a mini-conference, thus ample time will be allotted for general discussion.

This year's IDAMAP will also feature the following invited talks:

  • Michael Kattan, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, who will give a talk on cancer prediction models and their utility in clinical practice (see also web pages on cancer nomograms),
  • Marco Ramoni, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, who will talk on Bayesian networks for integrative genomics.
  • Ameen Abu-Hanna and Niels Peek, Department of Medical Informatics, Academic Medical Center University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their talk will be on Evaluation of Predictive Models in Medicine: Concepts and Measures.