A Workshop at the AMIE-2003, Protaras, Cyprus, October, 2003

The joint workshop Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine and Pharmacology, and Knowledge-Based Information Management in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 2003 took place during AIME-03, the Ninth European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Europe, which was held between 19 and 22 October 2003, in Protaras, Cyprus. The workshop brought together two successful and related workshop series on Intelligent Data Analysis In Medicine and Pharmacology (IDAMAP) and Knowledge-Based Information Management in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (KBIM-AIC) which have been run separately up till now. The scope of the joint workshop was the union of the scopes of its two component workshops. The workshop includeded invited talk by Katharina Morik, and short, long and poster presentations.

Workshop Notes Editorial and Invited Presentation

A Abu-Hanna, J Hunter (Chairs): Editorial. [PDF]

K Morik: Data analysis and knowledge validation in intensive care monitoring (Invited Talk). [PDF]

Papers and Presentations

David Boaz1, Mira Balaban2, and Yuval Shahar1: A Temporal-Abstraction Rule Language for Medical Databases. [PDF]

M-C Chambrin, J Mangalaboyi, S Sharshar, P-Y Carry, J-P Perdrix, P Ravaix, C Vilhelm, E Bijaoui, M Dojat, C Garbay, A-S Silvent, S Charbonnier: OSSCAR: A Collaborative Project for Intelligent Patient Monitoring in Intensive Care and Anesthesia. [PDF]

F Ciocchetta, F Demichelis, A Sboner: Machine learning methods to understand hepatocellular carcinoma pathology. [PDF]

G Cohen, Melanie Hilario: Asymmetrical Margin Approach to Surveillance of Nosocomial Infections Using Support Vector Classification. [PDF]

T Curk, B Zupan, U Petrovic, J Demsar, G Shaulsky, L Sacchi, C Larizza, R Bellazzi: Machine Learning for Functional Genomics: Some Experiments with Supervised Learning on Microarray Data Set. [PDF]

F Duchene, C Garbay, V Rialle: A hybrid Knowledge-Based Methodology for Multivariate Simulation in Home Health Telecare. [PDF]

C Fuchsberger, S Miksch: Asbru’s Execution Engine: Utilizing Guidelines for Artificial Ventilation of Newborn Infants. [PDF]

TM Hoang, M Olteanu: SOM Biclustering - Coupled Self-Organizing Maps for the Biclustering of Microarray Data. [PDF]

J Hunter, G Ewing, L Ferguson, Y Freer, R Logie, P McCue, N McIntosh: The NEONATE Database. [PDF]

L Peelen, N Peek, K Zwinderman: Statistical methods to compare different definitions of disease with an application to severe sepsis. [PDF]

E Roux, F Thiessard, A Fourrier, B Begaud, P Tubert-Bitter: Spontaneous Reporting System Modelling for Data Mining Methods Evaluation in Pharmacovigilance. [PDF]

L Sacchi, R Bellazzi, C Larizza, P Magni, T Curk, U Petrovic, B Zupan: Clustering and classifying gene expressions data through Temporal Abstractions. [PDF]

Y Shahar, D Goren-Bar, M Galperin, D Boaz, G Tahan: KNAVE-II: A Distributed Architecture for Interactive Visualization and Intelligent Exploration of Time- Oriented Clinical Data. [PDF]

A-S Silvent, C Garbay, P-Y Carry, M Dojat: Data, Information and Knowledge for Medical Scenario Construction. [PDF]

A Spokoiny, Y Shahar: Momentum – an Active Time-Oriented Database for Intelligent Abstraction, Exploration and Analysis of Clinical Data. [PDF]

A Tucker, X Liu, D Garway-Heath: Bayesian Classi¯cation and Forecasting of Visual Field Deterioration. [PDF]

M Verduijn, N Peek, E de Jonge: Dichotomization of survival variables in medical prediction problems. [PDF]

L Zhang, X Liu: Visualizing the Dynamic Modelling of Gene Expressing Data. [PDF]

Program Committee

Ameen Abu-Hanna, Netherlands (Chair)
Jim Hunter, UK (Co-chair)
Steen Andreassen, Denmark
Lars Asker, Sweden
Riccardo Belazzi, Italy
Luc Dehaspe, Belgium
Javier Diez, Spain
Michel Dojat, France
Linda van der Gaag, Netherlands
Catherine Garbay, France
Peter Hammond, UK
Werner Horn, Austria
Nicolette de Keizer, Netherlands
Eamonn Keogh, USA
Elpida Keravnou, Cyprus
Pedro Laranaga, Spain
Nada Lavrac, Slovenia
Cristiana Larizza, Italy
Xiaohui Liu, UK
Peter Lucas, Netherlands
Silvia Miksch, Austria
Lucila Ohno-Machado, USA
Niels Peek, Netherlands
Christian Popow, Austria
Marco Ramoni, USA
Paola Sebastiani, USA
Steve Rees, Denmark
Yuval Shahar, Israel
Blaz Zupan, Slovenia