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    IMIA organises the internationally acclaimed “World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics” - commonly know as MedInfo. The event, currently triennial, but biennial after 2013, provides both a high quality scientific exchange of current research and thinking in health and biomedical informatics and an opportunity for formal meetings and informal networking of IMIA's members. The event is jointly hosted by IMIA and one of its Member Societies. The selection of the host society is determined through a vote of the IMIA General Assembly.


    Medinfo2021 bid documents will be made available to all eligible IMIA Member Societies within the next few months. No correspondence will be entered into with conference bureaux, convention centres, or anyone else.


    Medinfo2019 will be held in Lyon, France, hosted by the French Medical Informatics Association (AIM) -

    MEDINFO2017 - Call for Submissions opens July 1st!

    Medinfo2017 will be held in Xiamen, China, hosted by the China Medical Informatics Association (CMIA) -  August 21-25, 2017


    Medinfo2015 - the 15th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics - was held August 19 - 23, 2015 in Sao Paolo, Brazil, hosted by the Brazilian Health Informatics Association (Sociedade Brasileira de Informática em Saúde - SBIS) - for full details please see


    Medinfo2013 - the 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics - was held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 20-23 August, 2013, with the Danish Society of Medical Informatics (DSMI) acting as hosts and providing the local organisation of the event; the MedInfo2013 Scientific Programme Committee were responsible for the scientific content.

    Full details are available on the MedInfo2013 website at 





    Medinfo 2010 was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 12-15 September, 2010, with the South African Health Informatics Association (SAHIA) acting as hosts and providing the local organisation of the event, and the MedInfo2010 Scientific Programme Committee being responsible for the scientific content. This 13th World Congress on Medical Informatics was the first African MedInfo. The theme was Partnerships for effective e-Health solutions, with a particular focus on how innovative collaborations can promote sustainable solutions to health challenges.

    Information is available on the MedInfo2010 website at:  



    Previous MedInfos have been held in Stockholm (1974), Toronto (1977), Tokyo (1980), Amsterdam (1983), Washington (1986), Beijing/Singapore (1989), Geneva (1992), Vancouver (1995), Seoul (1998), London (2001), San Francisco (2004) and Brisbane (2007).

    From 2015 onwards, MedInfo will be held every two years. Details on this change will be provided in due course, in particular for IMIA Member Societies interested in bidding to host the event.



    Bids to host MedInfo are ONLY accepted from fully paid up IMIA Member Societies. Unsolicited bids and speculative queries on bidding from conference organisers, covention bureaux, and other bodies will not be accepted or acknowledged. We do not enter into discussion with conference/event organisers, convention/tourism bureaux etc. on these issues.

    Bid documents are circulated to all eligible Member Societies after the announcement of the opening of the bid process.

    The call for bids to host Medinfo2021 will open soon. The decision will be made at Medinfo2017. Only IMIA Member Societies can submit bids. We will not enter into any communication with conference bureaux, convention centres, etc.


    Last updated: 29 January, 2016