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2012 European Summit on Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data - Materials

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    IMIA hosted the 2012 European Summit on Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data at the Hotel Metropole, Brussels, Belgium on May 14-15, 2012.

    A range of materials is available from the Summit, including presentations by keynote speakers and graphic summaries from sessions. Other materials will be added.

    Summit Agenda


    John Mantas - Welcome comments from EFMI President (650kb PDF)

    Georges De Moor - Trustworthy Reuse of Health Data “Perspective from the EU” (4.5MB PDF)

    Don Detmer - National Policy for Reuse of Person-specific Health Data: A perspective from the United States (315kb PDF)

    Iain Buchan - Health Data Reuse: ‘Do nothing’ is not an option (3.2MB PDF)

    Business Model Panel (Mats Sundgren (Moderator), Danielle Dupont, Dipak Kalra, Jan Van Emelen)

    Nigel Shadbolt - The power of open: thinking outside the box (25MB PDF)

    Petra Wilson - Legal Constructions of Privacy: Global eHealth Observatory Report (390kb PDF)

    Citizen's Perspective Panel (Jacqueline Bowman-Busato [310kb PDF], Joan Guanyabens i Calvet [3.7MB PDF], Peter Knight, Michelle Thonnet [80kb PDF])

    Lene Vistisen - National Institute for Health Data and Disease Control, Denmark (740kb PDF)

    Breakout session scenarios (95kb PDF)


    Graphic artist captures from sessions

    Opening session

    'Do nothing' keynote (Buchan)

    Panel: business models

    Breakout 1

    Breakout 2

    Breakout 3

    'Outside the box' keynote (Shadbolt)

    Legal framework (Wilson)

    Panel: citizens

    'What next' discussion

    Closing keynote (Vistisen)

    Closing keynote (Madelin)


    YouTube channel - with all of the Summit's plenary session videos:

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