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SIG NI Nursing Informatics

    Chair (2016 - 2020):

    Lucy Westbrooke
    Information Management Consultant
    Information Management & Technology Services
    Auckland District Health Board, Building 16 Greenlane Clinical Center
    Greenlane Rd West Epsom
    Auckland 1051, New Zealand
    Phone (64 9) 307 4949 ext 3467 or 25827
    Mobile: 021 938 075
    Fax: (64 9) 631 0794

    Vice-chair (Membership): (2012-2016)

    Vice-chair (Administration and Finance): (2012-2016)
    Joanne Foster

    Vice-chair (Communication): (2012-2016)
    Dr Susan Newbold

    Vice-chair (Working Groups): (2012-2016)
    Prof. Kaija Saranto
    University of Eastern Finland
    FIN-70211 Kuopio,
    Tel:  +358 50 565 0040

    Website: currently being moved and upgraded

    Forthcoming events:

    NI2016:  25-29 June, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. See

    Goals & Objectives
    The focus of IMIA-NI is to foster collaboration among nurses and others who are interested in Nursing Informatics to facilitate development in the field. We aim to share knowledge, experience and ideas with nurses and healthcare providers worldwide about the practice of Nursing Informatics and the benefits of enhanced information management.

    • Explore the scope of Nursing Informatics and its implications for health policy and information handling activities associated with evidence based nursing practice, nursing management, nursing research, nursing education, standards and patient (or client) decision making and the various relationships with other health informatics entities.
    • Identify priorities or gaps and make recommendations for future developments in nursing informatics.
    • Support the development of nursing informatics in member countries and promote nursing informatics worldwide.
    • Promote linkages and collaborative activities with national and international nursing and health informatics groups and nursing and health care organisations globally.
    • Provide, promote and support informatics meetings, conferences, and electronic communication forums to enable opportunities for the sharing of ideas, developments and knowledge.
    • Participate in IMIA working groups and special interest groups to present a nursing perspective.
    • Develop recommendations, guidelines, tools and courses relating to nursing informatics.
    • Encourage the publication and dissemination of research and development materials in the field of nursing informatics
    • Support and work with patients, families, communities and societies to adopt and manage informatics approaches to healthcare.

    IMIA-NI Education Working Group - website
    Co-Chairs - Michelle L L Honey and Paula M Procter

    Activity Report (August 2013) (download PDF file)


    Last updated: 25 November, 2014

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