The IMIA Vision

    The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) is the world body for health and biomedical informatics. As an 'association of associations', IMIA acts as a bridging organisation, bringing together the constituent organisations and their members. IMIA provides leadership and expertise to the multidisciplinary, health focused community and to policy makers, to enable the transformation of healthcare in accord with the world-wide vision of improving the health of the world population.

    Inherent in IMIA’s role is to bring together, from a global perspective, scientists, researchers, users, vendors, developers, consultants and suppliers in an environment of cooperation and sharing.

    IMIA's vision is that there will be a world-wide systems approach for healthcare. Clinicians, researchers, patients and people in general will be supported by informatics tools, processes and behaviors that make it easy to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time to improve health care for all. This systems approach will incorporate and integrate research, clinical care and public health. To achieve this vision will require everyone being supported by informatics-based information and communication systems and technologies. As an organization committed to promoting best practice in the use of information and communication technologies within biomedical informatics and in health and healthcare, and seeing technology as transformational, IMIA will promote research and develop the concepts needed to support the organizations of the world.

    Latest News and Updates

    IMIA CEO and Secretariat - Call for Application ...deadline June 30, 2015

    The process has begun to search for a new leader, the IMIA CEO, to direct the organization forward. 
    There are important opportunities awaiting IMIA to advance its mission, serve a broader audience, improve its organizational strength and continue to execute in an international leadership role.

    The Board of Directors calls on the members of IMIA to invest in the future of IMIA and assist our capable nominations committee (listed below) in sourcing qualified candidates to consider the position, one where we all have a stake in the candidate’s success.

    The deadline for submissions is June 30, 2015. Inquiries and submissions can be sent by email to Lincoln A Moura Jr at Submissions shall contain a letter from the candidate as well as a full CV, both in PDF format. 

    Please refer to the "IMIA CEO Job Description" PDF and "IMIA CEO Call for Applications" pdf for full details and information.

    Dr Lyn Hanmer Receives Inaugural Sedick Isaacs Award (

    Dr Lyn Hanmer received the inaugural Sedick Isaacs Award at a ceremony on 09 March 2015, at the recent HELINA conference in Accra, Ghana. As part of the award, she gave a keynote presentation "The importance of partnerships for Health Informatics development in HELINA and other low-resource settings" at the HELINA conference.

    IMIA Yearbook 2014 on PubMed Central (

    The IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics is now available on PubMed Central. See for the link to contents. Currently, only the 2014 edition of the IMIA Yearbook is available via this route.The Yearbook 2014 is also available directly from our publishers, Schattauer, at

    IMIA News is available at